Registrar Transfer Common Questions and Answers

Should I wait until my current registration expires?

No, don't wait. If you don't start the process early enough, your current registrar will require that you pay the renewal fee to them before they will allow the transfer. We would suggest beginning the process at least two weeks prior to expiration. It is sometimes possible to get a transfer approved closer to the expiration date, however we have no guarantee the process will complete prior to expiration at the old registrar.

Will I lose any of my current registration time if I transfer it early?

You will not lose any time on your current registration. The transfer fee will add one year to your current term. For example, if you still have six months left on your current registration term, after the transfer you will have 18 months remaining (six months plus one year).

How long does it take to complete the process?

The average is just a few days (between 3 and 5), however the process may be delayed if the current admin e-mail contact for your domain does not approve the transfer, or the current registrar denies the transfer.

Will there be any downtime during the transfer?

The registrar transfer process will not effect the operation of your domain, website or e-mail. The registrar transfer process is an administrative process only, therefore it does not effect DNS or the ability of your domain to work.

Can I change the name servers during the transfer?

The name servers do not change during a registrar transfer. If you want to change the name servers, you will need to do so prior to the transfer or after it has completed.

Can I change the registrant/owner of the domain during the transfer?

You cannot change the registrant of the domain during the transfer, however you can change it via our secure web based forms quickly and at no charge after the registrar transfer has completed.

Anything else that I need to know?

Make sure the current admin contact e-mail address for your domain (as listed in WHOIS) is correct. The registrar transfer process requires confirmation from the current admin e-mail contact. If you cannot receive e-mail at the listed address *or* if you do not respond to the confirmation message sent to the current admin e-mail address, the registrar transfer cannot proceed.

Before submitting a registrar transfer request, verify that the admin e-mail address is correct. You can check the e-mail address using a WHOIS client or web based WHOIS service such as If the admin e-mail address is incorrect, you will need to contact the current registrar to get the address corrected. It make take a day or two before WHOIS will show the updated admin e-mail address. Please wait until you see the correct address via WHOIS before submitting the transfer request.

If you have any other questions about the registrar transfer service, please feel free to send e-mail to